New Guinea Side-necked Turtle

New Guinea Side-necked Turtle
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Scientific Name: Elseya Novaeguineae

Identification:The carapace is dark brown, almost black, but shows some variation from "normal" turtle patterns. The plastron is a light brown, tan color. It has a long neck and (including head) can sometimes exceed the length of the carapace. Skin mostly gray, has a black head and white on under parts of the skin.

Range: It is found in northeastern Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

Diet: In the wild, they feed upon snails, insects, fish and worms.In captivity, they do well on Mazuri and ReptoMin, Reptile/Pond 10, Cichlid Sticks, fish, crickets, and assorted worms and insects.

Other common names for this species includes New Guinea Spotted Turtle, New Guinea Snapping Turtle, New Guinea Snapper.

When resting, this turtle twists its long neck off to the side for protection. The highly flexible neck permits foraging in mud as well as snorkeling. It also allows the turtle to strike quickly to capture prey.

They are excellent swimmers and their captive habitat should have a water depth as deep as possible and because they are avid baskers, a basking site needs to be available.

Elseya Novaeguineae are great turtles for a community habitats, but only with other Elseya and Emydura species.

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