Nicaraguan Slider

Nicaraguan Slider
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Scientific Name: Trachemys emolli

Identification:  The Nicaraguan slider has a shell with many circular markings on it, and in the middle of each markng, there is a dark spot. The main color of the shell and its skin is olive green to dark brown. It also has yellow markings on it as well. The supratemporal markings can be the colors of orange, pink, or yellow.

Range: This species is native to Nicaragua and Costa Rica and occurs in Lake Nicaragua, Lake Managua and the lakes and streams that connect the two.

Diet: As with most aquatic turtles they are more carniverous as hatchlings and turn more herbiverous as they age. In the wild juvenile turtles eat tadpoles, snails, crayfish, shrimp, fish, insects and insect larvae. As for the commercial turtle food they should accept it all however every turtle is a little different, ours are raised on ReptoMin and Mazuri.


An excellent starter/first turtle, they're fine all by themselves - or are perfectly at home in a community tank with most other similar sized species.

As adults they make fine warmer pond turtles - giving even the biggest raccoon reason to move on... As hatchlings and adults, these are one pretty - and one tough turtle . . . and one that makes turtle keeping very easy. If planning on keeping them outdoors make sure that you live in a very warm area or bring them inside during the cold season, as this is a tropical turtle and cannot hybernate.
This turtle and its eggs are heavily harvested by locals. The meat is said to be delicious and the carapaces are painted and sold to tourists. Farms have been developed to breed Trachemys Emolli to boost wild stocks and to sell in the pet trade.

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