Ouachita Map Turtle

Ouachita Map Turtle
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Scientific Name:  Graptemys ouachitensis

Identification:  This species’ carapace features a row of low vertebral spines, and is serrated on the posterior rim. The carapace is olive, dark brown, or black in coloration with light yellowish markings with dark borders. The plastron color varies from cream to yellow and is patterned with dark lines and swirls. The body color is grayish brown to blackish and is marked with yellowish stripes. The head of the Ouachita map turtle has a large yellowish crescent or blotch behind the eyes and a distinct yellow spot under the eye and on the lower jaw.  The eye itself is white with a blackm pupil and bar.

Range: Mississippi River from St. Croiz, Wisconsin and upper Mississippi River south through Louisiana and east Texas.

Diet: This species is omnivorus, with females eating more aquatic plant materal than males. Both sexes will eat mollusks, insects and carrion. In captivity, they do well on Mazuri and ReptoMin, Reptile/Pond 10, Cichlid Sticks, aquatic plants, fish, veggies, snails, crickets, assorted worms and insects.

An ideal turtle for beginning keepers, Ouachita Maps stay small, quickly become very familiar with their keepers and their tanks; and get along very well with most other turtle species. This active little turtle is a fine choice as either a first turtle - or as a community turtle.
Many map turtle species are considered river turtles because they share certain traits that help them live in a lotic (flowing) environment. River turtles tend to nest on sand banks, have streamlined shell shapes, their body is denser than water and they are powerful swimmers 
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