Red Cheek Mud Turtle

Red Cheek Mud Turtle
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Scientific Name: Kinosternon scorpioides cruentatum


Identification: They have a dark brown carapace with shades of orange here and there. The hatchlings or yearlings have a brighter carapace and is mostly orange. As the turtle matures and ages the shell becomes darker. The carapace is non-serrated, smooth, keelless and domed, giving it an almost semi-spherical appearance. Both sides of the head have elaborate and vivid orange or red patterns and coloration. They have a bright yellow plastron with uniform symmetrical segments. The border of each segment is dark brown. Except the ridges of the joint the plastron is plain and has no distinct pattern. The plastron is slightly smaller than the carapace and completely covers the turtle. The head, throat, limbs and tail of the Red Cheeked Mud turtle are red or orange with irregular black spots.  The tail has a characteristic spur at its tip.


Range:   Red Cheeked Mud turtles are found in lakes, streams and slow moving rivers from Nicaragua, into Honduras and southern Mexico.


Diet:  The Red Cheeked Mud Turtle are omnivores with a strong inclination towards flesh. They seldom eat plants. Snails, crayfish, mollusks, worms, tadpoles and small fishes make up the most of their diet. In captivity you can feed them assorted insects, chunks of meat and fish, worms and commercial turtle food. The Red Cheeked Mud turtles are prone to obesity and should follow a scheduled weekly diet plan with regular dosage of calcium and vitamin supplements.


Easily one of the prettiest colored turtles in all the world, the Red Cheeked Mud Turtle is actually a brightly colored sub species of the Scorpion Mud Turtle. The Kinosternon scorpioides cruentatum or the Red Cheeked Mud turtle is a bright subspecies of the Scorpion Mud Turtle. The name Kinosternon and red cheeked both refer to the characteristic bright red and orange spots splattered across its head. Not many breeders work with this handsome species - so their availability is limited.

The Red Cheeked Mud Turtle is highly aquatic and prefers to live in shallow streams and slow moving rivers, ponds, lakes or ridges. They are quite shy and spend most of time underwater and most of the time, prefer to bask while floating at the surface of water. They inhabit water bodies with plenty of underwater plants and insect activity

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