Reeves Turtle

Reeves Turtle
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Scientific Name:  Chinemys reevesii

Identification:  Unlike some turtles, the reeves turtle has three keels (or ridges) that run the length of their shell. Their coloration can vary from yellowish brown, a rich brown, to black. While their skin is olive, dusty green, to black, the lighter of these varieties have yellow or white lines that run along the sides of their neck and head.
Range:  It is found in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Diet: Reeve’s turtle hatchlings take rapidly take to many offered foods.  Hatchling Reeve’s turtles are very carnivorous and will eagerly consume insects and worms and thawed frozen fish but will also consume some greens. Any aquatic vegetation such as duckweed will also be appreciated. As they age they tend to take a higher percentage of vegetation. Many of the commercially prepared turtle diets as well as Koi or Catfish foods that exist on the market today are excellent hatchling Reeve’s turtle food.

The Reeves turtle, or Chinese three keeled pond turtle, is one of the many Asian species threatened by over collecting.  The Chinese pond turtle is threatened by overhunting (its plastron is used in traditional Chinese medicine) and habitat destruction in the wild. With a maximum size of only 5 - 6 inches, Reeves Turtles make excellent indoor tank turtles. This is a very hardy species, with lots of personality, making them fine additions to any collection.  Reeve’s turtles are more accurately termed “semi-aquatic”.   In the wild they tend to spend a fair amount of time on land much as Central American Wood turtles do. Hatchlings though, are almost totally aquatic, leaving the water primarily to bask. As they age they become progressively more terrestrial but are never found far from water.  In captivity they are generally treated as an aquatic species and adapt well to aquarium management.  With their manageable size, pleasing appearance and amenable personalities, Reeve’s turtles are delightful creatures. Though they lack vivid coloration, their inquisitive and sociable nature makes them a perpetual favorite for many turtle enthusiasts. It is likely that any keeper who does not love Reeve’s turtles simply has never had a Reeve’s turtle. They are an absolutely dream turtle personality-wise. They're very personable and non-skittish. They also tend to be more hardy than some other species and are more forgiving to beginner error.




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