Three-toed Box Turtle

Three-toed Box Turtle
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Scientific Name: Terrapene carolina triunguis

Identification: The three toed box turtle is about 3.5 to 5 inches in length, and usually has only three toes on the hind feet (although sometimes they have 4, like other box turtles). They have a high domed carapace (shell) that is usually an olive brown with some yellow markings. The bottom shell (plastron) is hinged so it can close against the upper shell (carapace). On the plastron, there may be dark areas. The skin is brown with some yellow spots, and the males may have red markings on their heads (and sometimes red, orange and black on the neck and forelegs). Males have red irises.

Range: From the west to the east of its range, the three-toed box turtle can be found from eastern Texas to the northern edge of the Florida Panhandle. Its northernmost habitat is in Missouri and Kansas, while the southernmost is in Louisiana.

Diet: As pets, they have been reported to eat mealworms, corn, melon, crickets, waxworms, tomatoes, cooked eggs, fruit, and even moist dog food. They can be shy about being watched while eating, and may stop and stare back motionless if this happens.

This species hibernates throughout the colder months in a shallow burrow, often no deeper than a few inches. A naturally-produced antifreeze provides protection against subfreezing temperatures and winter mortality is surprisingly low. As temperatures warm, this species becomes active and may bask in more open areas.

Baby and immature box turtles are more secretive than adults and are rarely seen; this question of "where are all of the baby box turtles?" remains something of a mystery to science.

Most individuals are mild-mannered and rarely attempt to bite. When first captured, a specimen is most likely to seal up tightly into its shell

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